Current timeline for release.

(Note: this is subject to change at anytime, and are just estimates.)

While bugs will be cleaned up in each iteration as they are found, major bug testing and removal is indicated. The hoped release date is listed before the goal

(Released: June 19) June 20- pre-alpha:
be able to play a full game with a very limited card set
"proof of concept"

(Released: July 10) July 10- goals for the alpha version:
add more card support
fix stack to work properly with sE
get majority of gui working

July 19- goals for alpha 2:
get the deck editor form to work in a basic form

August 1- goal for alpha 3:
Improve help
clean up bugs
Minor Improvements

Mid-September: goal for beta:
incorporate online play

Mid-November goal for beta 2:
fix server bugs
add some cards

Mid-January goal for beta 3:
Major program overhaul
Improve gui

Early Febuary- goal for release candidate:
some bug fixes
improved deck editor analysis

Late March- goal for first major release:
fill in "holes"
make everything "work together"

Late August- goal for 2nd release major release:
finish rules enabled play. full standard support

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