Documentation on format. The deck extension is .mcd (magic cove deck).

The format is defined as followed. Eventually I hope to improve the importer for error correction but for now please stick strictly to this format.
  1. The first line of the document should start with a colon followed by the name of the deck. (NO comments may start the file). If no deck name is given, it is assumed to be the file name without the .mcd
  2. A line with a ">" will be ignored and treated as a comment line
  3. One line may contain the word (without quotes): "Sideboard". All lines following the word (spelled exactly as defined) will be considered the decks sideboard and will not be loaded into the main deck.
  4. Any line not previously defined must be a single type of card (please spell it correctly), with up to 4 instances (lands and other unrestricted cards may have any number). There must be a hyphen following the number of a card. This number must be placed even if it is one. No entries with 0 permitted. There must be no spaces following the hypen, but spaces are permitted within the name. Formatted like this: #-"Card Name"
  5. The deck may have any number of entries greater than 0 so please make sure to have 60 to have a legal deck. (This means a deck MUST contain at least one card, program will crash otherwise).
  6. Decks should be saved in normal ASCII format. (NOT UTF-8 or UCS-2).

Example: (note this is an extremely bad deck, but serves as an example)

:Test Deck 1
>This deck is just for testing purposes. It is not actually a good deck
4-Wall of Omens
>I like have random land cards in my deck :)
>They are below this comment
3-Coral Merfolk

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