Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I play with my friends online?

We are currently working on getting the basic functionality working, and then we will get the online services working. The first release will allow you to play with your friends sharing a computer, but we will hopefully release an online version by the end of the summer.

What cards are supported?

There are two modes of playing, with enforced rules and without. Without enforced rules every card is supported. As for enforced rules we are creating the program so that the computer "understands" each card, we have to program each card individually. This takes time and we need more helping hands to be able to support every card. Currently we only plan to support Standard, and if time permits it will be extended to Extended, the Legacy, and then Vintage. You can see a list of the current cards supported here.

I wish the program had feature X / feature Y is not working possible. Is that possible to get that feature?

If the is a feature missing you would like to see, or if something is not working properly, you can mention it under the Issue Tracker tab, and we will incorporate as soon as we can.

Do you have a timeline for you releases? When can expect to see feature X?

Currently we have a basic timeline though the next year which can be found here.

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